Agricultural Structures

Barns & General Storage Facilities

Centric Engineering provides the highest calibre of structural engineering services and knowledge in the Farm Building Code.

Centric Engineering’s team is trained to be effective listeners, creative problem solvers, and knowledgeable advocates about all facets of the construction process. By consulting and reviewing building requirements and needs, we deliver a specialized design package for your barn or storage structure.

When it comes to designing or renovating your barn or other farm structure, you don’t need an architect or a BCIN certified designer, but you do need a structural engineer and someone who is familiar with the Farm Building Code.

Dairy Barns and Facilities

Whether its a dairy expansion or new build, there are many pivotal areas to consider for the Farm Building Code structural requirements.

  • Milking System – The design layout is impacted by the chosen milking system whether it be tie stall, robotic or parlour.
  • Feeding System – Centric incorporates your feeding system into the structural design of your new build or renovation.
  • Projected Growth – We will discuss your current and future needs to design a sufficiently sized space to avoid frequent renovations.
  • Location and Orientation of Building – Proper orientation to allow for better ventilation and the distance to adjacent structures must be considered.
  • Waste Management – The way you handle manure in your facility and the needed storage space will impact our structural design for your barn.
  • Bedding – Centric looks at the space required for the housing of livestock and ensures the structure meets the needs of your bedding choices.
Poultry Barns and Facilities

Centric Engineering provides solution for all operation types including broiler and layer and engineer our plans to incorporate surfaces that are easy to disinfect and buildings that meet your ventilation requirements.

Swine Barns and Facilities

Farrowing and finishing barns for single site or farrow-to-finish farm operations. Following Farm Building Code, our structural designs take into consideration key areas which influence your facilities’ production.

  • Flow – Pig and people flow is detrimental, especially in farrowing barns where there is frequent animal movement.
  • Ventilation – Fan sizing, inlet openings and manure pit management.
  • Feeding System – Designs to suit the needs of barn and owner.
  • Housing Options – With changes in regulations to animal housing, we ensure the correct amount of space is supplied.
  • Facility Sizing – In a multi-site/building operation, each building needs to be sufficiently sized so as not to limit the production of the other buildings, but also not too large as to reduce efficiency.
General Barns and Facilities

Centric Engineering provides engineering design for all your general agricultural structure needs, whether it is feed, equipment, livestock or machinery storage. We use our expansive knowledge and experience to design facilities from complex operations to basic storage needs.