Hope Agua Vita Mission

Hope Agua Vita Mission

Centric Engineering is proud to be a part of the Hope Agua Vita mission to Puerto Rico with one of our own employees on site framing houses and improving wind design details! Be sure to check out their facebook page for updates and to donate: https://www.facebook.com/HOPEAGUAVITA/ #sitesmart #HOPEAguaVita

For an update from our employee Matt, continue reading below:

Day 1 – Interesting start! Ironically, our trip to build wind resistant houses has been delayed by the wind storm in Ontario. After a 3.5 hr delay, we were still able to make it into PR Saturday night.

Day 2 – An early start at a new building site with just the foundations poured and some masonry walls built. We were able to frame and sheath about 50% of the wood walls today. Some discussions with a local engineer and the head contractor led to improvements in how to complete the wind load path and provide temporary bracing. Also had a chance to swing a hammer and use a nail gun!

Tomorrow we’ll work on the interior and roof, and install some hurricane tie/strap hardware. I’ll continue with updates throughout the week!