An Added Perspective…

With a focus on youth and field experience, a structural engineering firm builds a solid foundation.

Darryl Twynstra grew up in an entrepreneurial household and spent his summers working for his father, a custom homebuilder, right up until he graduated from Western. He recalls that his interests on the jobsite went far beyond the hows and whats of construction processes—he also wanted to learn the whys.

So, it’s not surprising that Twynstra studied structural engineering at university. And it’s not surprising that once he graduated, completed his fouryear internship and achieved his P.Eng designation, he decided to open his own engineering firm.

But what is a little surprising is how quickly his company has grown. Centric Engineering Corporation opened in 2013 with just one employee. Today, Twynstra leads a team of 11, including another P.Eng, five interns and three drafters/designers. The company provides structural engineering and consultancy services to clients across the province.

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