12 Days of Centric

12 Days of Centric

Day 1: Little by Little – Centric’s Charity of Choice This Christmas

Due to high levels of poverty and lack of income in Haiti, parents are forced to give up their children to local orphanages. Up to 80% of children in these orphanages have living parents.
Little by Little partners with local orphanages to hire and teach these parents the art of making jewellery and other products that are then sold at Little by Little store. This provides a method of sustainable and steady income for parents, increasing their confidence and ability to provide for their children.
Check out their website for unique products and jewellery and their Christmas collection for unique gifts, or donate at http://www.littlebylittle.ca

Day 2: 477 Wonderland Road South

On this 2nd Centric project of Christmas, we unveil what is to come at 447 Wonderland Road South in London, Ontario. Thanks goes out to the team BECO Development! Watch for more details on this project in 2019!

Day 3: Jamesville Lofts

Jamesville Lofts is the 3rd feature in our 12 Centric projects of Christmas. This building features six (6) storeys with a parking garage below grade. Thanks goes out to the team at Lintack Architects Incorporated!

Day 4: Gainsborough Road (Part 1)

This is the first of two projects we will highlight on Gainsborough Road in London, Ontario. This site will showcase two commercial buildings, the first using steel and concrete materials! Thanks to BECO Development and the project team.

Day 5: Gainsborough Road (Part 2)

The 2nd project on Gainsborough Road in London, Ontario is our 5th project in our 12 days of Centric. We again thank BECO Development for their work on this! Look for this project consisting of steel, wood and concrete materials to come in 2019!

Day 6: Greenbrier Place

The Greenbrier Place project is next on our list! With it’s twin completed back in 2016, the second tower is now under construction! Thanks to the team at Orchard Design Studio for their work on this project.

Day 7: Louth Street

We would like to thanks Lima Architects for the 7th project on our list! This new wood and concrete mid-rise building is scheduled for construction early next year!

Day 8: Cadzow Park

This park rehabilitation project located at Cadzow Park in St. Mary’s, Ontario is our 8th project in our 12 days! Thanks to the team at Integribuild and PEG Architecture!

Day 9: 80 Bronte

This mixed use project in Milton is our 9th project in our 12 days! The building features four (4) storeys and an underground parking garage. Thanks to Paul Debattista and project team!

Day 10: Start.ca

Start.ca has a beautiful addition and renovation scheduled! The building will showcase three (3) storeys and a modern exterior.

Day 11: Aqua Vita – Project Hope

Centric Engineering was proud to be part of the Hope Agua Vita mission to Puerto Rico this year! Our employee Matthew Lynch was on site working with framing crews and providing on-site engineering design support! We look forward to working on this project again in the coming year.

Day 12: Year in Review

Thanks to all who have worked with us throughout this year. Your support has enabled us to reflect on the many successful projects featured in the 12 days of Centric. We look forward to many more interesting projects in 2019, and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!